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Xiaomi has shown its first car. This is a mobile home

The motorhome is assembled in a single copy. Whether it will go into series is unknown

Electronics manufacturer Xiaomi unveiled its first car – it turned out to be a motor home. The laconic presentation, consisting of only two slides, became part of a three-hour broadcast, during which the Chinese company spoke about its new products.

Xiaomi Group CEO Lei Jun decided not to reveal many details about the camper. According to him, the car was assembled in a single copy for one of the brand’s fans. He wished to receive for the New Year a car filled with Xiaomi smart home devices, in which it would be possible to travel around the world.

The development took three months from the Xiaomi engineering team. Jun did not mention which car was used as a base, but judging by the design of the front end, Xiaomi decided to take the Maxus V90 minibus produced by SAIC as the basis. The original V90 is equipped with a two-liter diesel engine producing 148 or 161 horsepower.

“I never thought that the first car Xiaomi would make would be a motor home.”

said Lei Jun.

The residential module of the car is literally stuffed with various electronics, including numerous Xiaomi smart home gadgets. These include an air conditioner and an air purifier, a coffee and tea maker, and a widescreen TV and laptop.

It is not known whether Xiaomi will start mass production of the “smart home” on wheels. Earlier, the Chinese company said it was going to release an affordable electric car that will compete with Apple and Tesla, and invest $ 10 billion in its own car business.