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Most ridiculous camper – thanks for just a project

The Cyberlandr RV is based on the Tesla Cybertruck pickup truck and doesn’t seem like a big deal.

The Tesla Cybertruck is slated for release in 2022. We have already seen how it was virtually equipped with a pull-out kitchen, and on top of it, in the cargo hold, a bed was placed. It turned out impractical, but funny. Now there is an even more incredible version of the mobile home – Cyberlandr.

The roof of the cargo hold rises upward, pulling sections of the side walls behind it, creating a living space of two rooms. With a width of 2 meters and a length of 2.5 meters, an area of ​​up to 5 square meters is obtained. One room is very small. This is the bathroom. The other four squares are used as a bedroom, dining room and kitchen.

The kitchen has a small refrigerator, sink and induction hob. The floor in the camper is electrically heated. A bed in the form of two chaise lounges is attached above the table top. The rest of the time they can be taken out into the open air. Cyberlandr double glazed windows are electrochromatically darkened.

And what to do in nature? That’s right – watching TV. The camper has room for a 32-inch flat screen that can also serve as a computer monitor. Naturally, the Internet is fed to the mobile home via StarLink satellites.

If it seems to someone that the camper consumes too much electricity, then let them pay attention to the roof – there is a 500-watt solar battery.

Cyberlandr said that the equipment of the camper may change, and is looking forward to pre-orders with a deposit of $ 5,000 (almost 400 thousand rubles). Deposit now and get 20% off Cyberlandr later! That is, a camper will cost you $ 39,995. or 3.1 million rubles. But, as often happens, we must hurry, because only the first 20 customers with a five-thousandth bill will receive such an offer.

Less down payment means less discount. If you give Cyberlandr, for example, $ 100 (7.8 thousand rubles), then you can buy a “then-then” mobile home for $ 44,995 (3.5 million rubles). And completely greedy people will not be able to buy the Cyberlandr camper when it comes out for less than $ 49,995 (3.9 million rubles).

I wonder how much the Cyberlandr developers spent on these drawings?