British Tourists’ Motorhome Gets Stuck in Narrow Spanish Street for Four Hours

A British couple’s tour of southern Spain turned into a nightmare when their motorhome became stuck down a narrow street for four hours.

The couple, who were in their middle age, were spending their day exploring the scenic village of Sorvilan, located in the southern region of Granada, Spain.

Despite a sign warning drivers of larger vehicles to avoid the center, the couple’s motorhome became wedged between two houses in the village.

Assistance from a tow truck and local police was required to extricate the motorhome, a process that took a grueling four hours.

According to police officer Jose Rivas, the couple, who remained unnamed, unintentionally damaged their motorhome and a house wall they were stuck between. They had no plans to stay in the village for long and spoke little Spanish. During the four-hour wait for the tow-truck, the couple was upset, and the police did not inquire about their itinerary as it was not an appropriate time to do so.

“But it seemed like they were touring the Costa del Sol and southern Spain – and they obviously didn’t see a sign on the way into the centre of the village, warning people about trying to go down the narrow streets with large vehicles.”

British Tourists' Motorhome Gets Stuck in Narrow Spanish Street

We’re discussing streets that were built for donkey-drawn carriages and not for vehicles like the motorhome that got stuck. To release it, a jack was used to lift and push it out of the tight spot it was wedged in. Driving the motorhome straight through the gap may have been possible, but due to the angle it was coming from, only the front half made it through and the wider back end became stuck. The driver’s door side of the motorhome was severely damaged, but it could still be driven. The couple needs to be more cautious about where they take their motorhome. The incident was unprecedented during the police officer’s years of service, and it is crucial to be careful in all villages to avoid such mishaps.