John Deere has released a powerful line of comfort tractors. Farm machinery repair and service

Tractor giant John Deere has unveiled a new line of 9R (X) machines. The manufacturer’s press office said the tractors received 691 horsepower and the Cummins 13.6-liter and 15-liter engines.

Tractors also received the option of field work planning with automated control through a personal account (AutoSetup technology) and become more silent. Engineers have worked carefully on the new models in terms of performance, payload and operating comfort. Here’s what’s changed:

  • Track drives and chassis have been strengthened,
  • axles have been reinforced,
  • additional ballasting elements were added (maximum weight ballast of 30.4 tons),
  • suspension system and cab (for driver’s comfort) were improved,
  • The tractors were equipped with an e18 transmission.

John Deere also added a monitor receiver (StarFire 6000) and heated, massaging leather seats to the new lineup. In the future, the company plans to fully automate tractor operation and add more features.

During the sowing and harvesting season there is usually no time for repairs. This is why the most important thing for machinery in spring is reliability.

For agricultural equipment to work efficiently and bring profit, it needs to be serviced all the time. Blades, plows, twin tines, etc. are wearing parts. They need to be replaced throughout the season. In winter, maintenance, repair of machinery, and purchase of new parts are required.

During sowing and harvesting most often it is necessary to fix “burning” breakdowns. But you understand that during the season the manufacturers usually raise prices. How to be in this situation?

Of course, each farm solves these problems in its own way. But as practice shows, it is better to repair the machinery in winter, so that by the sowing season it will be in full readiness.
During seeding and harvest time the reliability is especially important for machinery which means that tractors and seeders must be brought in complete readiness to the beginning of the season. But how to work if the wear and tear of machines in domestic farms amounts to 80%, and not all have funds for new machinery? Each company solves these problems in its own way.

During the winter season AGA Parts company makes a special offer for agricultural organizations – up to 35% discount on the entire range of spare parts for agricultural machinery, including bearings, belts, hardware and lubricants. The company’s product list includes more than 50,000,000 items of spare parts for dozens of brands of imported machinery!