House on wheels

Check out the Chinese two-story camper palace

Two stories, thirty-plus square feet, and a private balcony.
Until recently, multistory motorhomes with balconies and other atypical elements of luxury for autotourists remained the destiny of Formula 1 teams. And they were based on huge cargo semi-trailers. Now the British-Chinese company SAIC Maxus treads on this territory. Meet Life Home V90 Villa Edition (difficult, we agree) – luxurious house on wheels, which has everything.

In the “folded” condition, the motorhome will hardly draw increased attention. However, it is necessary to put forward lateral sections and to “straighten” a roof, forming the high-grade second floor with a verandah, the motorhome will turn in a moment into a star of any camping. “Living space” is 32.4 square meters. It comes with modern cabinet furniture, a fully equipped kitchen and a bathroom. Privacy is provided by electrochromic glass windows.

Of course, the cost of the tsar-camper is appropriate: 413 thousand dollars.