Keystone Bullet Crossfire – an 8-person cabin trailer with full beds

The Keystone Bullet Crossfire is a great buy for drivers who spend a lot of time traveling on Russian roads in the summertime.

The name of this model speaks for itself. It is excellent not only for traveling, but also for trips to the country house, giving drivers the opportunity to take everything they need with them at the same time.

Design features.

The dacha trailer is designed to accommodate eight people, giving both couples with children and large, friendly groups of friends the opportunity to move around. A modular platform was used to develop the model, which is characterized by ease of operation and maintenance.

The permissible maximum mass does not exceed 2 130 kilograms. In the curb weight is 1,568 kilograms. The trailer can be hitched to most vehicles in the SUV segment, truly driving on the roads in comfort and enjoying travel.

Sleeping berths

They occupy the most part of all space in the trailer. Manufacturers have tried to make the layout of the model so that each passenger can comfortably sleep and rest during the trip or during stops between moves from one locality to another.

Each berth is equipped with all necessary accessories, so there is no need to bring any additional items, although it all depends on the desire of drivers.

The toilet and shower area

Located in the rear of the trailer. The size of this peculiar bathroom is very tiny. It can accommodate only one passenger, so it will be necessary to take turns to carry out hygienic procedures, which is logical for such trailers.

Kitchen space

might surprise many, but it is provided, and includes a small refrigerator and a gas stove, on which you can cook or heat food.

No utensils are provided, so the owners of the trailer should take care to take the necessary cutlery with them on the road beforehand. Otherwise, there may be some difficulties, which will not be as easy to solve as it may seem. Although, you can always buy disposable tableware on the road.

The advantages of

of the model are in its compactness, attractive appearance and the availability of a large number of different places for storage. The small trailer has a lot of functionality, which is also a positive thing and is taken into account by buyers. Its distinctive appearance allows it to stand out on the roads.

The cost of the trailer is another advantage. On average, the model can be purchased for 4.5 million rubles. Depending on the location of berths, the price of the trailer may increase slightly.


The trailer is ideal for off-road travel, country holidays, travel in Russia. The manufacturers had no doubts that the model would be in demand among potential buyers and they turned out to be right.