Space Campers Reveals Pop-Up Camper Prototype, Bringing the Cybertruck RV Dream Closer

The excitement is reaching new heights for the highly anticipated Tesla Cybertruck, often hailed as the most revolutionary and technologically advanced electric pickup truck. This anticipation has been steadily growing for almost four years, and at times, it seems ready to reach a boiling point.

After a long and frustrating wait, the 1.9 million initial customers are finally getting closer to realizing their dream of owning the Cybertruck. Tesla has announced the start of production at Giga Texas, and deliveries are expected to begin in late August or early September 2023. As the e-truck becomes a reality, customers are now one step closer to acquiring the perfect accessories to complement their Cybertruck experience.

Ever since the Cybertruck was unveiled in November 2019, Tesla customers have been inundated with numerous options claiming to enhance its capabilities and wow factor. However, many of these options were offered by third-party companies, primarily startups, that couldn’t deliver on their promises as the Cybertruck was not yet available for them to work with. This led to a flood of potential products, leaving customers with uncertainty about which ones would truly be revolutionary and compatible with the Cybertruck.

The Space Camper Wedge

It was a classic Catch-22 scenario. The good news is that with the Cybertruck’s deliveries on the horizon, a natural solution is emerging. Even better, we now have the first prototype of one of the most sought-after third-party add-ons for the Cybertruck: the Space Camper from the startup Space Campers.

Unveiled in June 2022 as the ultimate “Swiss army knife” of pop-up campers, the Space Camper aims to transform the Cybertruck into your dream RV. Its unique feature is a modular interior design that offers maximum functionality. With this setup, you can order a pop-up tent and customize it with accessories tailored to your specific needs, whether that be a weekend off-grid camping adventure or a fully functional mobile office space.

Space Campers has decided to rename the Space Camper to “the Wedge” due to its unique shape when fully deployed. Additionally, they will introduce a second model called “the Cap,” which offers a simpler and potentially more budget-friendly option, providing a closed-in hard-walled area around the truck bed.

The Space Camper Wedge

At present, specific information regarding the Cap model is limited, as Space Campers is currently prioritizing the Wedge. Nonetheless, the company recently showcased a working prototype of the Wedge, as seen in the video provided below (although the video’s lighting may be subpar).

The Space Camper Wedge is designed to offer optimal functionality and adaptability. While it functions as a pop-up tent, it fully leverages the distinctive features of the Cybertruck. Notably, the pop-up mechanism’s actuators will utilize Tesla’s onboard air compressor, enabling instant deployment. With a simple press of a button, the Wedge can be set up within seconds, as assured by Space Campers.

The Space Camper Wedge incorporates powerful integrated LED lights and appliances that will draw power from the Cybertruck’s battery. Additionally, Space Campers is exploring the possibility of adding solar panels to extend its autonomy further. Moreover, they are actively working on making the Wedge compatible with the Cybertruck’s keyless tailgate locking system to provide enhanced security features.

The Space Camper Wedge

While the Space Camper is intended to be an all-encompassing solution, the prototype currently provides a glimpse of the highly versatile bed slash lounger’s potential in its production form. The design enables 8 feet (2.4 meters) of standing height inside the camper, achieved by moving the bed upwards to the ceiling. This same bed will also serve as a bench when folded or a sun lounger when removed entirely. Given the compact footprint, modular and multi-functional furniture becomes essential to optimize the camper’s space effectively.

By removing the bed from the space, the Cybertruck transforms into a mobile tiny home or a functional office. The interior offers the flexibility to add a modular kitchen, a spacious desk, and ample storage, including in the hard sides beneath the bed area. Space Campers plans to introduce additional accessories, such as a solar package, insulation, outdoor shower, and bathroom, to enhance comfort during extended stays. These features will make the camper a comfortable and self-sufficient space for various purposes, be it leisurely adventures or productive work trips.

The Space Camper, in its basic configuration with the modular bed, weighs around 470 lbs (213 kg). Removing the bed reduces its weight to approximately 430 lbs (195 kg). For those opting for added protection, the stainless steel armor will increase the weight to about 600 lbs (272 kg).

The Space Camper Wedge

The prototype also features a weatherproof storm door that cleverly functions as an awning, providing shelter from the elements and expanding the living space just outside the camper. While the prototype may seem underwhelming compared to the multitude of awesome uses promised by the company for the Space Camper, it marks the first step in the right direction. The goal is to transform the upcoming Cybertruck into the most stylish and coolest-looking RV on the market.

The Space Camper Wedge prototype is gearing up to make its first appearance at the Tesla Takeover event in San Luis Obispo, CA, starting on July 29. With this debut, we might get additional details about the product. The base pricing for the pop-up tent starts at $24,000, but it’s important to bear in mind that this cost doesn’t cover any of the accessories mentioned earlier. Space Campers has previously referred to the product as an “investment” in your Cybertruck, which could imply that a fully loaded version might come with a higher price tag.