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Production Commences for the All-Electric RV Coast Model 1, Now Branded as the ‘Tesla of Campers’

Two concurrent truths can coexist, as seen in the scenario of a high-end product that also prioritizes eco-friendliness. Yet, is it genuinely possible to encompass a sustainable and environmentally conscious RV, lavish amenities, and the homely comforts all in one entity, or are we discussing a rarity akin to a unicorn in the realm of RVs?

Hailing from Aero Build, a Tennessee-based trailer specialist, the Coast is an all-electric RV (e-RV) that was introduced earlier this year and has now unveiled its tangible interior to the public.

Instances of ambitious and groundbreaking startups falling short of their pioneering commitments are a familiar occurrence, often due to factors both within and beyond their control. Aero Build, armed with its background in crafting custom business trailers, is evidently not a fledgling startup. Nevertheless, while the Coast represents their inaugural foray into the realm of travel trailers – a domain where all-electric designs are scarcely found – it’s understandable if you weren’t eagerly awaiting its arrival.

Coast Model 1, "the Tesla of campers"

The promising update is that the Coast has transcended its CGI concept phase to evolve into a fully realized product, which has now officially entered the production stage. Initial deliveries of the Coast are slated to commence in the autumn of 2023, and the introductory price remains steadfast at $124,900, mirroring its pre-order stage, and increases with the inclusion of optional features.

Adding to the positive developments, the announcement now presents authentic photographs of the tangible product, a stark contrast to the previously available renders. The recent months of development have brought about a few modifications in the final offering, with the most notable being the decision to introduce two distinct models of the Coast. The original concept, now rebranded as “the Tesla of campers,” retains its identity as Coast Model 1.

Coast Model 1, "the Tesla of campers"

When an entity designates something as “the Tesla of” a specific category, whether originating from a third party or the creators themselves, it typically implies the anticipation of certain attributes: innovation, propulsion or operation devoid of fossil fuels, unconventional conceptualization, a sleek and minimalistic aesthetic, and cutting-edge technology. The Model 1 boasts all of these qualities within a travel trailer, as asserted by Aero Build. The trailer is purportedly customized to cater to digital nomads and contemporary families seeking to embark on off-the-grid escapades.

However, the Model 1 transcends the conventional boundaries of a typical travel trailer, even in its capacity as an all-electric variant. It stands as the result of years dedicated to research and development, embodying the tangible embodiment of the concept known as “outdoorsy living for indoorsy people.” The Model 1 surpasses mere habitable trailer status; it emerges as a glamping haven, introducing exceptional smart home functionalities and opulent embellishments to the everyday experience, reminiscent of the larger Living Vehicle’s approach.

Coast Model 1, "the Tesla of campers"

In contrast to the larger Living Vehicle, the Model 1 comes with a more accessible price point. Accommodating up to four individuals, the Model 1 provides sleeping arrangements for two in the primary bedroom and an additional two in the convertible dinette. Despite its compact 21-foot (6.4-meter) dual-axle trailer foundation, the interior layout is ingeniously crafted, enabling Aero Build to furnish the Model 1 with all the conveniences of a residence, and even more.

With Model 1 entering the production phase, a comprehensive specification list and additional information are becoming available. Notably, its off-grid capabilities are facilitated by a rooftop solar array providing 1,360W of power and an 810 Ah lithium battery pack. Smart home functionalities monitor energy consumption and enable adjustments to various features, including room temperature, lighting, and the awning. The trailer features all-electric appliances, high-end fixtures with water filtration, a water-saving shower head, and a dry flush toilet. The insulated composite shell makes it suitable for year-round use in all four seasons.

Coast Model 1, "the Tesla of campers"

Not only is the Model 1 equipped for off-grid living, but it’s also aesthetically appealing. The kitchen boasts sleek Electric Smeg appliances including a cooktop, microwave, and residential fridge. Additional features include a pair of Samsung smart TVs, a Sony soundbar and subwoofer, premium flooring, and bespoke Sunbrella fabrics, all contributing to its inviting family-home feel. For digital nomads, the trailer comes ready for a Starlink satellite dish installation. And for those with refined taste, a pop-up bar in the dining area adds an extra touch of sophistication.

The floorplan remains unchanged from our previous discussion. One end features a versatile space that serves as a dining area, office, and guest bedroom, while the opposite wall houses the expansive kitchen block. The bedroom occupies the trailer’s other end, adjacent to which is a divided bathroom. One section accommodates the shower, while the other houses the toilet and sink.

Coast Model 1, "the Tesla of campers"

Aero Build plans to provide additional information about the Coast Model 1 in the near future, including insights gathered during an extensive cross-country journey. With the delivery scheduled for the fall of ’23, the wait won’t be lengthy before we receive real-world feedback on its practicality.

In the meantime, consider this: Aero Build describes the Coast Model 1 as a genuine masterpiece, blending refined design with top-tier finishes, a feeling of openness that elevates the travel adventure, and the autonomy to explore without being tethered to the grid. It’s hard not to be impressed, isn’t it?