Cheap, classic and very practical: this is this Citroën motorhome

And to all this, we would have to add the already legendary reliability of the model. It loads everything!

If you are looking to buy a camper van at a cheap price, for these summer holidays, that is compact, practical and useful, there are a few models that might interest you.

But if you also want a tremendously reliable model with vintage aesthetics, or even the vehicle in question is based on a classic car, you could say that you are in luck.

Because yes, there is a Citroën C15 camperized. We have learned of its existence from a used unit that was for sale for just over 14,000 euros. But surely there are some more available on the second hand market.

Citroën C15 classic: motorhome with a cheap price

Built between 1984 and 2005 at the Citroën factory in Vigo (currently owned by Stellantis), we are talking about a commercial vehicle whose reputation for being robust, reliable and little short of indestructible is already almost legendary. And for the story his famous catchphrase remains, “He loads everything!”.

Well, beyond being the perfect ally of thousands of self-employed in our country, the Citroën C15 also has its most playful variant, represented better than anyone by this classic motorhome.

Its name is Nu Venture Junior and the copy we found for sale (in Autotrader) was in England and, how could it be otherwise, it had a right-hand drive.

Designed for two people (good trips as a couple), it enjoys a living area with a square table, two individual armchairs and a sofa, which can be transformed into a base for the bed. In addition, the kitchen has two burners, a sink and a refrigerator.

Finally, to guarantee privacy and avoid sunlight at certain times, there are curtains and blinds. In addition, the occupants can enjoy a barbecue and have connection to the electricity network. Not bad at all, right?